Sunday, December 26, 2010

Today we shopped

Good evening Lucy!

Mom and Dad just got done cleaning out your room. We went through the couple of totes you have of toys and clothes to get ready and organized. You are going to look soooo adorable in the outfits you just got today.

We decided to use a gift card we had at Baby's R Us and while we were there today we thought about registering. It only took about an hour or so, but we picked out some cute things. At the end of our excursion we found an outfit we would like to see you in on your way home as well as a couple of cute summer outfits. There was also a super duper cute snowsuit that we got for you too. We didn't want to wait, plus it's on clearance. Its fluffy and white with giraffes and elephant I think. Soooo darn adorable!!!

Grandma and Aunt Jenny called me to let me know they found the baby shower invites. I can't wait to see who all comes. :)

Ok, mama is super exhausted right now, but I promise to put some more updates up soon.

Love you squirt!!! MUAH!!!


Monday, December 13, 2010

And the the verdict is...

Good evening little baby!!!!

Today has been such an eventful day. We have been waiting for this moment for such a long time and are extremely excited to greet you into our family. Everybody who already knows is super excited to see you and meet you in person. They already love your name :) Here are some updated photos of you and me.

So there you are growing like crazy in my belly... and this is what you look like inside :)
posing to the side

foot 1

 foot 2

and your bits and pieces :)

Do you know what you are??? What your name is going to be???

We love you baby Lucia Phair Kenworthy!!!!!!!!

You are gorgeous!!!

Can't wait to learn more about you,
Love, Mom and Dad

Monday, December 6, 2010


Hey there Peapod,
So we are all finally moved into what will be your first home, well... more like your first apartment. Either way its where you will call home once you are all out of your momma's belly.
I'm extremely excited to find out next Monday if your junk is on the outside or inside so we know what to call you. You will always be Peapod to me but atleast I will know your proper name.

Your room is gonna be a bit crowded at first. Your momma and I are a bit of pack rats. You have a big kids bed in there and a rocking chair for the nights when you need some help falling asleep. I suppose that will depend on how much like you are similar to either your momma or me. I take a while to sleep and your mom can pass out on her feet given the chance. We still have to get your crib and such yet but soon enough that will be there too.
Well I just wanted to give you an update on what your living quarters are going to be like.

Oh and just so you know the first night we were here I felt you kick your mom, I'm sure its cramped in there but take it easy on her organs.

Love you and can't wait to meet you.