Saturday, April 30, 2011

Welcome to the world little lady :)

Oh man Lucia, this week has been one heck of an eventful one. It felt like you were never going to get here. Monday I went to work to keep my mind off the fact that you were not here yet. Tuesday we had our check up, and well, I was so uncomfortable afterwards that I just cried all day long. Mainly because it was one more day that you weren't here. However, later Tuesday night things started to change and man could I feel it. I went to bed at 11:30 with some discomfort that turned in to full on back pain. I couldn't sleep so I came out to see your daddy and complain about how uncomfortable I was. So at 2 in the morning, we called the hospital to let them know we were coming on over to be observed... hoping that we could get the ball going. Unfortunately they sent us home after an hour of observation. However, you weren't having it so when we got home, you fought your little heart out to make it a point that you were ready to come to this world. After taking  a bath and timing contractions for an hour and a half, I felt it was time for us to head back to the hospital. Good thing we did too because we had progressed a bunch!! By the time we got all settled in our room, we had some huge pain relief! Thank goodness for the epidural... from 10:00 am til 8:00 pm we had a pain free time. We had a lot of visitors too, all waiting for you to come on out. Grandma Shelly and Grandma Laurie were up there all day, and so was your cousin Julia :) Later, Grandpa Rick, Grandma Kathy, and Aunt Robin showed up for a while and Aunt Jenny came up until you were born. Robin had to leave for work, but she rushed back over right after just in time for your arrival. Your cousin Montana and Uncle Cody were there for a while too. You got so many new toys and clothes, beautiful flowers and balloons... everybody was sooo excited for you to come to this world.

At 8:00 the big event started. Mama was in soooo much pain that she couldn't believe how much screaming I did, all the tears and the words that came out of my mouth. 2 and a half hours of pushing, I needed some major help, so to get your beautiful face out of me,  a crew of about 8 or so doctors came rushing in and vacuumed you right out. 4 big pushes and a little suction got you into this world within 15 minutes!!! The minute you arrived, there was a whirlwind of chaos. Dad was in tears with your Grandma's, the doctors cleaned you up and took you to see everybody in the waiting room. I didn't even get to see you until a good 15 or so minutes but once I saw you I was in love.

Once the chaos settled down, mama and daddy got to take you to our new room where we spent some quality time together to get to know you sleeping and eating patterns. While there you had more visitors that were so excited to hold you and take tons of pictures of you. You did very well too, no crying, but maybe it's because you slept the whole time.

Yesterday we got to take you home, but before we got home, we had to stop by mama's work to drop off papers and everybody who was there working awwed all over you. Then we headed home where Grandma Laurie had a big nice surprise for you... a swing! and you fell in love with it, rocking and staring at the animals above you. Later, Grandma Shelly, Grandpa Chris and your cousin Montana stopped by. Grandma Shelly loves you so much, she was so happy to see you and have you in her arms during her visit.

You have been such a great little lady who loves to eat, sleep and poop :) I couldn't ask for more.

We love you so much Miss Phair, and we always will.


xoxoxoxoxxoxo Mama and Daddy

PS: your hair has been the talk of the town!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Still waiting little one...

This is your father so listen up, its time to come out.
We have had our fill of waiting. We wanna meet you face to face finally. So lets get this show on the road and start this whole long trip.
Come on out. Today or tomorrow would be perfect.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Only days away...

It's been a long while since I last posted any sort of update for you, my apologies. Both Dad and I are really busy getting prepared for your arrival and well, we have ants in our pants. Last week, on the 13th, I had my appointment for you. There, they examined me and found that I was 1 cm dilated. I was happy because that meant if I wanted to, I could get my membranes scraped. It doesn't sound fun, and really... it wasn't. Everybody is different... this was  a very painful thing for me. Before that happened, you were giving me some serious contractions that I can only assume were Braxton Hicks. Ever since then, nothing... what's up with that missy??? I only kid, but I really started to get my hopes up with you coming early. So as you have been able to tell, I have done everything in the book to get the labor going. Your dad is getting extremely excited to meet you and really wants you out so he can start his bonding time with you and begin the adventurous journey of fatherhood. I am getting excited to meet you too... I feel like I know you already, yet I wanna meet this little tyke that has been causing me to go crazy from time to time. :)

Over the weekend your friend in utero  was born. This caused some major mixed feelings. I am very excited for him to be here, but soooooooo jealous that I don't have you yet, especially because you are due a day before he was. So to know that he came early made me very envious. I know that you will come when you are ready, but can't you be ready now?

Tomorrow I have my doctor's appointment to see how much I have progressed. I really hope I have progressed a lot. I think, actually I know, I will be crushed if I haven't. Today is the first day since last week that I started to feel funny again. My lower stomach feels like a constant pulled muscle and today from my bellybutton down, I have been having streaks of pain. Is this a sign?? I hope so, but if not I will be asking to have you by the weekend. I know it's a lot to ask, but if you knew what I was going through, you would understand.

I love you a whole bunch Lucy, and the next post that will be on here is from the hospital awaiting your arrival.

I hope to see you soon little girl!
Love, Mama

Friday, March 18, 2011

Shower for you as arrival day closes in...

Hey Lu bear,

So I'm a bit late in updating this but last sunday (the 13th) was your baby shower. Some family and friends were kind enough to play photographer so I could participate with your momma. Both Grandma Shelly and Grandma Laurie and your aunts put on a great mexican buffet chicken for me, beef for everyone and a soy version for momma. She doesn't like dead animals for food as you will learn soon enough. Actually she doesn't like dead animals no matter what, I hope you get that trait too.
But I digress, your family decorated the hall of one of the churches in Marshall really beautiful and there were little chocolates on the table. There was a delicious cake too.

Aunt Robin, Grandma Laurie, Momma, Dad, Aunt Jenny, Cousin Juila

Grandma Shelly, Momma, Dad, Great-Grandma Bonnie

You got a great deal of presents to help us get ready for you to be comfortable when you come home with us. I can't even describe how generous our friends and family have been. You are one lucky girl for how many people that love you and haven't even met you but only seen your protruding home in Momma's belly. Your Great Grandma Bonnie was there and got you some cute things. Aunt Robin wrote down everything that you received so you can see how nice everyone was when you get older.
Some of your family gave you some money so Momma and I opened up a bank account for you, hopefully we will teach you the right way to save money.
When we got home from the days festivities your Aunt Karla, Uncle Rob, cousins Alyssa and Autumn came over to help us bring all your new things in the house. Mom and I tried to rearrange your room to fit everything but I broke my toe moving a chair. Your mom was more worried about it than me, so we focused on the smaller things. We set up all the bedding in your crib and now its super stylish.
The next day Grandma Laurie and Aunt Jenny stopped over with your cousin Julia. Aunt Jenny and your mom really put your room together so now there is enough room in there that you can roll and crawl around to your hearts desire. Its looking like a real room fit for a little lady.
The weather is getting nice and your kitty Elle Louise is getting really excited and makes me open the windows in your room so she can hear all the birds while she sits next to your crib.
Today I packed up your diaper bag which looks really rad and even matches your bedding. I think your mom is getting really excited to take you for walks in your new stroller since its gonna be really nice outside when you arrive which is awesome because you get to bask in the warm summer before having to be super bundled up when we go outside. I can't wait to take you to the beach.
I started last night to write in your baby book. I can't add too much because some of the information won't be accurate if I add now. Plus there are some things that Momma's gotta help jog my memory on because the first month we realized you were gonna arrive was a big blur.
We are also planning on printing out this blog we've been writing to you so you will be able to read one day all the times we wrote to you. Maybe you'll get a kick out of it and not be embarrassed by your parents but I'm pretty sure we'll embarrass you plenty throughout your life so by the time you read all of them you will be use to it.
OK well I'm cleaning up the apartment so your Momma can come home to a clean place after work and relax.
Lookin' forward to see you Peapod.

Love Dad

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Your room is coming together nicely little girl.

Hey there Lu bear,
So this past weekend your mom and I assembled your dresser that Grandma Shelly and Grandpa Chris bought you. It was one hell of a pain in the butt. It took us a few hours of putting some of it together then taking it apart. The directions were as crystal clear as Louisiana swamp water. Finally once we got it all together minus one drawer we noticed that the last drawer had two of the same part and thats one of the reasons were having so much trouble. But alas we got the problem solved the next day and last night your mom was filling your dresser with all the clothes you have gotten already.
Little girl you have tons more clothes than I do. But your mom still has us both beat. haha.
Plus yours and your mom's baby shower is coming up very soon so you will have many more things I'm sure. It will be interesting to see everyone together.
Then it's just a hop, skip and a jump until you pop outta your momma.
Thats the real fun begins.
We all also went to your cousin Julia's baptism and then went over to your Aunt and Uncle's house for a bit. It was a good weekend, minus the frustration the dresser was giving us, but we accomplished putting it together ourselves without help from anyone else.

Your mom demands that you come into the world with a full head of hair since you have been giving her tons of heartburn. Apparently that means you're gonna be hairy. Maybe you'll be a wolf-girl. Who knows, even if thats the case I'll love ya anyway. Probably means we'll just have to shave your face more than I shave mine. hahaha

Looking forward to seeing you sometime in April.

Love dad.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Center of attention

Good morning Lucy!!!

Last night you went to your second show, Against Me and boy were you ever the center of attention. You have been to another show before, Lucero, however nobody even could tell you were there. Being that you were soooo tiny in my belly :) But last night, whoa. We had a good time. I could feel you jammin' in my belly and enjoying yourself. We were on the first floor for Cheap Girls last night and when things got a little rowdy, oh man did you have an entourage to protect you.  I couldn't believe how many people actually paid attention to you verses the show. We met a couple who was extremely excited to know you were at the show, they had every one of their kids at shows too when they were your size. So they really wanted to make sure that we enjoyed ourselves without any crazy moshing interfering our little bubble around us.

Once Against Me took the stage, Dad and I knew it was going to be much better for me to go a little further back and higher up. While dad was back talking to that couple on the floor, I made some more new friends who were super excited to see you being there too. A few guys introduced themselves to me and thought we were pretty cool for still coming out even though we have almost only 9 more weeks left (according to the doctor). After two songs or so, Dad came up to hang with us for the rest of the evening. It was such a good time and I am soo glad you were able to let me get out last night.

After the show ended, we had an insane amount of people, mainly couples, come up and touch my belly and just talk to us about how happy they were to see us out. People we didn't even know. It was beyond crazy. I really enjoyed the fact that even though it was a rowdy show and drinking was involved (of course not by me, we enjoyed ice cubes) that people really respected the personal bubble of safety we had for you. It was almost as though you were the show and we got to hear the reviews afterwards :)

My only issue I had last night was the fact that my feet were and still are swelled up to the size of Nerf footballs. It's ok though, that is something that I can handle.

As for today, since I spent all day on my feet yesterday, I am going to do some much needed relaxation and then get your room set up. Maybe paint you a little something if I can think up something creative. I am going to start setting up your closet and dad and some friends are going to be setting up your crib. All in all, it should be a good day.

Love you tons and tons!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

11 more weeks.. can't be soon enough

Good morning Lucy.

It's been a while since I last posted any sort of  update on your page. Dad and I have been really busy trying to take care of the not so fun stuff awaitng your arrival, like insurance, life insurance and finances.. By the age of 10, you will never have to worry about life insurance :)

We just got tons of baby clothes for you though on Sunday. It was fun to pick everything out. Your Aunt Karla gave us 5 totes to rummage through since your cousins had outgrown the clothes. It was so hard to choose, but so fun to "dress you up" or at least imagine what you are going to look like in them. Tomorrow I would really like to go through the bags again to see what we all have and get some things organized. However, I have a lot on my to-do list so we'll see if I get that chance. We have a doctors appointment tomorrow morning, the last one before we go and see the doctor every other week. I have tons of questions to ask, but whenever I am there I seem to forget what I want to ask, even if I write it down. I'm excited to hear your heartbeat and I am really hoping you do a lot of wiggling around like you have been lately. Did you realize that you were nonstop for over 48 hours last week??? I can't imagine what you were doing in there, but it sure did keep you occupied.

Another thing on tomorrow's to-do list, pick up your bed :) I am super excited to do that. I just feel like once we get that ready in your room, things will be much easier to imagine with your arrival. I really want to see you soon. I am hoping we only have 9 weeks left, but that's me being selfish. I just can't wait to get my arms around you and start a new chapter in my life... motherhood.

I have been having so many dreams about you too. The day you arrive, how big you are going to be and what you are going to look like. Dad and I want you to have lots of hair, and with the old wives tale of heartburn creating lots of hair for you, I think you will be as hairy as a monkey!! We will see though...

So far things you may want to know about 2011 that may seem interesting to you when you get older are:

*Green Bay Packers won Super Bowl 45 with Aaron Rodgers as the MVP
*Bret Favre finally agreed to retire (something America has been waiting for since he became too big for his britches)
*Wisconsin had a huge blizzard leaving us with snow drifts up to 6 ft high
*This year is the year of the Rabbit in the Chinese Calendar
            -Some famous people born in the year of the Rabbit are Frank Sinatra and Andy Warhol (two people that mama loves)
*This time last year mom and dad never even knew eachother exsisted
*Your cousin Julia gambled for the first time and won (she was only a week and a half old)
*As of this week, the number one song to hit the charts is "Grenade" by Bruno Mars (I haven't hear it yet)

There will be so much more to add to this list since it's only the second week of February... and I am hoping that I can keep up with it.

That will be it for now, but I promise to keep an update on you after my doctor's appointment tomorrow.

Love you Lucy!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Big news for you

Hi Lucy!!

So I should have posted this sooner, however this past week has been nothing but chaotic! You are going to be happy to know that you have a baby girl cousin that was born on January 12th. We are all so excited for you to have somebody close in age to grow up with and share some experiences. Her name is Julia Celeste and she is looking forward to meeting you. Over the weekend, Dad and I got some practice with babies. I changed a diaper for the first time.. let me tell you, it was extremely difficult... I hope that I can get the hang of it. I am sure I will, but don't be too upset with me if you have some saggy britches for the first week or so.

I am not going to lie, seeing Julia for the first time caused a bit of a panic attack. I had the realization rush over me the following day that in 3 months or less you are going to grace us with your presence. It still is very scary for me, especially because if you come early, we won't have anything ready for you. I have been working my fingers to the bone trying pay off some bills and save up for you at the same time... I hope I can keep this momentum.

You had a doctors appointment the day your cousin was born. Everything seems to be looking outstanding. Your heart rate was 145 beats per minute, you must have been resting because the day prior you were doing nothing but stumping around in my belly. Over the past few days I have actually been able to watch you move around. It looks pretty crazy and surreal to see you moving around in there.. my stomach ripples from the outside. I just have such a hard time understanding the concept that it's you.. again, it's so surreal. I can't wait for daddy to see you move around in my belly. Everytime I call him over you always stop... it drives me crazy!!! You are such a stinker already, but I love it :)

Alright, that's it for now baby girl.

Mom and Dad love you very much and are counting down the months... soon weeks then days before we get to see your beautiful face.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

6 months in

Good morning Lucy,

It's been a while since I last posted a blog about you, your development and all the news that surrounds you. Well, lets catch up. You are in week 25, and you are the size of a half gallon of milk. Holy Cow!! It's true, and boy I feel it. Yesterday you were a woman on a mission. I am not sure what the mission was, however you were up and at it by 6:00 in the morning and seriously did not quit until 11:00 at night. It was crazy. You were kicking me all over the place, stretching, moving, elbowing me and so on. It was nuts. What was even crazier is that I could actually see the movement on my belly. I couldn't believe that I could actually see your movements in my belly.

In other news, you finally have bedding :) I am sooooo excited! However, you actually won't get it until March 13th. It's ok though. Just knowing you have a cute set for your crib makes me ecstatic. Also, on last Sunday, your Aunt Jenny and I went and finished up the registry at Babies R Us. I really hope we picked out the best and safest things for you. And I hope you appreciate everything you end up getting.

Dad surprised me the other day with a package in the mail. You got yourself your first super hero onsie. It is Wonder Woman, however I had no clue for a good half hour that the symbol was Wonder Woman. Considering the television shows we watching, I thought it was a pro wrestling shirt... whoops! I thought wrong. You are also getting a lot of movies in the mail that your dad insists you watch over any popular shows that today has to offer.

Ok babycakes... Mama has to get going with her day. I love you tons and tons!!!!