Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Your room is coming together nicely little girl.

Hey there Lu bear,
So this past weekend your mom and I assembled your dresser that Grandma Shelly and Grandpa Chris bought you. It was one hell of a pain in the butt. It took us a few hours of putting some of it together then taking it apart. The directions were as crystal clear as Louisiana swamp water. Finally once we got it all together minus one drawer we noticed that the last drawer had two of the same part and thats one of the reasons were having so much trouble. But alas we got the problem solved the next day and last night your mom was filling your dresser with all the clothes you have gotten already.
Little girl you have tons more clothes than I do. But your mom still has us both beat. haha.
Plus yours and your mom's baby shower is coming up very soon so you will have many more things I'm sure. It will be interesting to see everyone together.
Then it's just a hop, skip and a jump until you pop outta your momma.
Thats the real fun begins.
We all also went to your cousin Julia's baptism and then went over to your Aunt and Uncle's house for a bit. It was a good weekend, minus the frustration the dresser was giving us, but we accomplished putting it together ourselves without help from anyone else.

Your mom demands that you come into the world with a full head of hair since you have been giving her tons of heartburn. Apparently that means you're gonna be hairy. Maybe you'll be a wolf-girl. Who knows, even if thats the case I'll love ya anyway. Probably means we'll just have to shave your face more than I shave mine. hahaha

Looking forward to seeing you sometime in April.

Love dad.

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