Sunday, February 13, 2011

Center of attention

Good morning Lucy!!!

Last night you went to your second show, Against Me and boy were you ever the center of attention. You have been to another show before, Lucero, however nobody even could tell you were there. Being that you were soooo tiny in my belly :) But last night, whoa. We had a good time. I could feel you jammin' in my belly and enjoying yourself. We were on the first floor for Cheap Girls last night and when things got a little rowdy, oh man did you have an entourage to protect you.  I couldn't believe how many people actually paid attention to you verses the show. We met a couple who was extremely excited to know you were at the show, they had every one of their kids at shows too when they were your size. So they really wanted to make sure that we enjoyed ourselves without any crazy moshing interfering our little bubble around us.

Once Against Me took the stage, Dad and I knew it was going to be much better for me to go a little further back and higher up. While dad was back talking to that couple on the floor, I made some more new friends who were super excited to see you being there too. A few guys introduced themselves to me and thought we were pretty cool for still coming out even though we have almost only 9 more weeks left (according to the doctor). After two songs or so, Dad came up to hang with us for the rest of the evening. It was such a good time and I am soo glad you were able to let me get out last night.

After the show ended, we had an insane amount of people, mainly couples, come up and touch my belly and just talk to us about how happy they were to see us out. People we didn't even know. It was beyond crazy. I really enjoyed the fact that even though it was a rowdy show and drinking was involved (of course not by me, we enjoyed ice cubes) that people really respected the personal bubble of safety we had for you. It was almost as though you were the show and we got to hear the reviews afterwards :)

My only issue I had last night was the fact that my feet were and still are swelled up to the size of Nerf footballs. It's ok though, that is something that I can handle.

As for today, since I spent all day on my feet yesterday, I am going to do some much needed relaxation and then get your room set up. Maybe paint you a little something if I can think up something creative. I am going to start setting up your closet and dad and some friends are going to be setting up your crib. All in all, it should be a good day.

Love you tons and tons!!

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